It’s been a while..

August 20, 2012

It has really been a while since my last rant. 

So much has happened, as I progress through this phase of life.
That of which is National Service. BMT has passed, OCS has passed, and now I’m living life as a regular Naval Officer in the RSN. Never would I have imagine that I could make it this far, but alas with sheer determination and great batch mates by my side the journey was memorable. 

But of course, there in lies another set of problems, of which the most pressing would be the planning of my future. I know for a fact that my career in the navy would not  be a long one and frankly, I don’t intend to. Right now, I just hope that all goes well for my planning towards my studies in New South Wales and hopefully when the time arrives I would be able to leave the force with a secure job in the creative industry. It won’t be an easy road but come what may, I will undertake, overcome and excel. I cannot be swayed by distractions any longer. I have to stay focused and achieve what I have set out for myself. Dreams are not all fantasy, one will have to work towards realizing that dream. 

If you want it, go get it. 


After the Outfield

December 12, 2010

December 11 2010

Field camp. It was such an experience. Never would I have imagined such an activity. Physically straining, mentally taxing and takes a toll on your appetite.
Hygiene was definitely out of the question. I have never experienced not brushing thy teeth, 4 days in a row. Anyone who has gone through this will really
start to appreciate the many little things in life. From things as simple as having your slippers on, sitting down on a chair even standing. There are many things I can list down but all I can say is, field camp really made me appreciate everything and everyone around me a whole lot more.

Day 1, everyone was doing their last checks for their equipment and drawing arms. After everyone has formed up and ready to move out, then begins the 8km route march. We were marching towards our field camp site which was located somewhere behind Rocky Hill Camp. It was a long and tiring march but everyone kept their spirits up by singing. It was always very fun when everyone transitioned from the usual military cadence to pop songs and whatnots. One thing that I was happy about was that the commanders didn’t seem to mind. When we finally arrived at our camp site, which was at some small path way that leads up to a communication relay point, everyone got to sit down and removed all the equipment. From a clear morning, it turned into a misty roadway. Everyone was steaming their perspiration. It was quite a sight, 1 company of men would mean a lot of steam. That itself, explains how cool the morning was and how high the temperature of everyone’s body was. After a brief break, we then shifted into a “clearing” to start setting up our basha. As usual we were only given 10 – 15 minutes to get everything up. It was always rushing here and rushing there to get all the activities done as scheduled.

For the next 2 days, we were briefed about our mission during this field camp. We were taught fire command orders (FCO), movement drills, various hand signals and other survival techniques. Day after day, bodies got sore, injuries accumulated and fatigue undoubtedly set in. The company had to drill it into their heads, your not doing this alone, you have your platoon mates to depend on as well. This is so because, if one were to carry out this thinking that one has only oneself to depend on then he’d probably not make it.  Their were many interesting encounters, including wild boars and many interesting wildlife around the area. Nighttime was really the bomb. In the camp site, one can’t see shit at all. My experience was a really interesting one. I can never ever forget my experience of taking a dump in the jungle.

As for food, it wasn’t all that bad, but of course I could feel my stomach rumble as well as hear it. Field rations are actually better than what people say it to be. Of course there are certain packs that taste like crap but most are definitely edible.

Overall, the field camp experience has been a very fulfilling one. High kneeling will never be my best friend, digging shell scrapes is something that I really have to improve on, injuries, sores and aches are part and parcel of field camp and most importantly teaches you to appreciate everything you have and not to be complacent.

And now, time to rest up for SIT TEST the following week.

Cheers, till next book out.

Second Book Out

December 5, 2010

It’s December!! It’s just 3 weeks more to Christmas!! It’s like tomorrow to field camp!! FML?

Whatever the case, the next 2 and a half weeks is going to jammed packed with all the remaining high key events.
High key events being, the field camp, the situational test and the hand grenade course.
The past week was pretty chill but quite mentally taxing. I was appointed Platoon In-Charge for the week. I sure do hope someone takes over soon. It’s quite a responsibility to be PIC. Also the past week was spent doing range training and the live range.
IMT is always fun for me, i mean heck, who doesn’t love to fire a weapon? Coming to live range, it was nothing short of breath taking. Nothing beats fresh propellant exhaust in the morning. It was definitely an unforgettable experience for me at the live range, strongly based on the fact that firing live weapons is always a thrill for me. The only other live weapon that I have ever fired was the M16 during my NCC days.
I have to say there was a really major difference between the 2 rifles in terms of the performance. Only real difference for me is how the compactness of the SAR21 really makes the aiming of the weapon really comfortable and easy to use as compared to the M16 with its longer barrel one would have to find a really comfortable holding position in whatever stance to fire the weapon accurately.

So up this point, what i feel about the army is that sometimes the commanders can really be fucked up for no apparent reason. It almost seems like they take people’s suffering as a form of entertainment and truly enjoying it, by that i mean really literally enjoying it and not fucking people up for show when the OC is around. But yeah, at the end of the day, I always keep reminding myself, whatever can’t kill you will only make you stronger.

Alright, I’ll be ending this entry here. Wish me luck for the field camp.


First Official Book Out

November 27, 2010


My first official book out after confinement period. I guess from here on out, it will all be pure hell in Tekong.
I have getting along very well with my section mates as well as a few people from other sections in the same platoon.

The past 9 days has been a collection of ups and downs. Of course, there are still idiotic individuals who just can’t seem to drill the idea of do it once, do it good concept into their minds.

A summary of events that happened in the past 9 days, tiring, very tiring, leg killer. For me, AGR or ability group runs are really a love or hate activity. There was also our second route march. Those are the highlights for the past 9 days. Nothing much other than a lot of physical activity. Oh, IOC is really fun. The new obstacle course that is veering in the direction of urban operations is very enjoyable yet exhausting. Even though all the obstacles are just improvised, it is still quite a challenge to undertake.

This book out, I have a long weekend to enjoy and also to recover and settle some admin work. So, at this point of time, I would only have 6 more weeks to endure and put in my best effort. 2 more weeks to field camp.

For some reason, after the confinement period, time really seems to fly by quite fast. Many people who have gone through BMT have said that time just slows down to a snail’s pace there but I think it’s pretty normal. In fact it feels like it’s getting faster these few days. I don’t know, maybe it’s just me. I want more time to do my GUNPLA!!!

Thinking through and through, I really have nothing must to write in this entry. Well, till next time.


Prologue Book Out

November 17, 2010

8th of November marked the next phase of my life, which is compulsory for all sons of Singapore. National Service. That’s right, every Singaporean son has to serve his duty to his country for the next 2 years.

Packing my bag in my room, I took a slow look around my room trying to soak up as much “homey” imagery in me so as to spur me on through the tough trainings ahead. I then walked around the house and did the same. They were many questions and worries that ran through my mind. “Will I be able to perform well?”, “Will I be able to cope and bond well with my peers?”  so on and so forth. As time drew nearer to leave for Tekong, time in the house really is very precious. This may all sound very dramatic, I know, but it really is what I felt at that moment.

And so the time came to set off for the bus interchange. At Pasir Ris, the interchange was filled to the brim with the many enlistees going into Tekong for for the 1245 book in timing. Many unfamiliar faces and a few familiar faces was all I could describe. 1245pm, everybody boarded the buses and set off for SAF Ferry Terminal, and that was followed by a very quick entry into the fast craft and reached the destination in a matter of minutes, Pulau Tekong. The first thing was the split, where the parents, relatives and friends went on for the camp tour and the enlistees took the other turn up the stairs to surrender their pink IC and collect their ID package which consisted the infamous 11B and ID tags. With that, it’s goodbye to civilian life. So after the various administrative things have been settled, everyone went into the theatre for the introduction speech and the oath taking. After that it was lunch with my folks. For me at that point of time, I really couldn’t bear to leave my parents. The time there was already about 1500hours. Time’s up for lunch/dinner, all the enlistees formed up at the parade square leaving their parents and girlfriends. We then continued to collect our issued equipment.

After even more administrative matters were settled, we settled in to what we would be calling home for the next 7 weeks. Viper Company, Platoon 2, Section 1. My bunk mates are an awesome bunch of individuals, very colorful in terms of their character as well. Looking at all the issued equipment, I was pretty amazed at the amount to go through. The iLBV was really cool.

The first few days were more of light activities and gradually became heavier as time goes by. Within the first 1 and a half weeks, some of the activities that we have gone through was our first IPPT categorization test, swimming categorization test, our vaccinations which was very amusing because some people were bleeding like nobodies business, our weapons presentation, which I almost cried at, firepower demonstration, various physical training regimes, weapon technical handling and various theory lessons. For one thing, the activities are just going to get more and more tiring.

For the food, it really isn’t all that bad, in fact, i daresay its actually pretty tasty. The only complaint i have is the amount of time we are given to eat. This is because, we still to have queue, eat and clear the plates all within 20mins.

I guess that is all I have got to say for this 1st week of BMT. I have more or less set my mind in the right direction and hopefully will be able to pull me through the remaining grueling 7 weeks.

Always remember, you are not alone and so do your platoon mates, help each other out, help each other pull through the difficult times, celebrate the happy occasions and it will all be over before you know it. -Anon

Valor, Virtue, Victor. Viper.


Re-ignited a long lost passion..

August 30, 2010

I shall keep this post short and sweet.
My passion for Gunpla has re-ignited!! Well many will ask how did this come about?
My answer: It was on any other night, just finished a session of battlefield and I was looking at my dust coated, nub mark covered models of my only 2 Master Grade kits, Freedom and Destiny. Then it hit me, those kits cost a fortune back when I was still in Secondary School and it all began again from there. Taking gunpla into a serious hobby. That little scenario reminded me of my love for mecha and only Gundams specifically just that they are so fun to build. This post took so long because I was spending most of my time on kendo, work, games, friends and gunpla!
So until next time.. which probably in a week’s time at best?? Haha, I’m currently working on Zeta Gundam right now so yeah. Maybe, I should open a new page in my blog to showcase pictures of my completed kits!! Alright, I’ll do just that when I’m done with Zeta.

Visit my Deviant Art Page!

July 7, 2010

Hey everyone!
My new deviantart profile is up and running! Please do check it out!
The page contains my latest photos and whatnots xD

Just bought 2 new model kits!!
Gundam  RX-78-2 Ver.Ka Master Grade (Produced by Katoki Hajime)
RX-93 Nu Gundam Master Grade
Will be working the the RX-78 first.
I’m giving it an estimate of 2 and half weeks depending on how much time I have.
I’ll be updating the status of it when I get the chance to so keep an eye out for it! First time doing painting for a model kit.
Pretty Darn Excited!